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  • Print&Share is a combination of a virtual printer driver and application software.
    This printer driver can be installed alongside the printer driver of your printer manufacturer. The printer driver of your printer manufacturer functions as a translator/interpreter between Windows 'language' on your pc and printer 'language'. The Ricoh virtual printer, on the other hand, functions more as a tool to execute tasks automatically.

    In other words: the Ricoh virtual printer driver functions as a buffer between your computer and your ordinary printer driver, and it allows you to perform more advanced tasks with your print job.

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File Processor

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  • File Processor is a monitoring and processing service for Windows. It does not just monitor folders - it helps you streamline your business and workflows.

    File Processor allows you to monitor network folders, FTP-servers, email accounts or add mobile archiving, scan to cloud and mobile printing from any device. File Processor covers it all.

    Download File Processor More info...

Print Job Launcher

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  • Print Job Launcher is a software application that can monitor folders. When a file occurs in one of these folders the application will print the file to a specific printer. Print Job Launcher can handle certain conditions and order before printing the print jobs.

    The software can be installed alongside other applications. The combination of Print Job Launcher and Print&Share can create powerful document workflows.

    Download Print Job Launcher

Installation Configurator

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  • The installation set of Print&Share can be adapted for projects.
    Specific settings can be set during the installation procedures. These specific settings or default values will be collected by using another program called "Installation Configurator".
    The collection of these default values will result in two files. These two files can be injected in the standard installation set of Print&Share. Hereby, a specific installation set (MSI) will be created for the project.

    Download Installation Configurator


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