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What makes Print&Share so 💚 popular and 🌎 widely used?

Auto select an appropriate paper source for each task

No need to manually replace the colored paper depending on your print job. Print&Share automatically selects the appropriate paper source for each task. Use the full features of your multifunctional device. Printing triplicate paper forms has never been easier.

Archive everything you print

It is possible to archive everything that you print simultaneously. No need to print to PDF again, no extra work is needed, Print&Share takes care of it. Whether it is a local or network folder, FTP, DocuWare or other Document Management System.

Rule-based printing

Print job routing based on text content, number of pages, color coverage happens automatically. Let Print&Share select the tasks to execute, you only have to print. Job routing based on proximity printing (geographic location via IP range or job owner) is possible.

Customize print jobs

With the Get More Editor it is possible to customize your print jobs. Add a customizable watermark, page numbers, notes, logos, overlays, and much more...

One print job, multiple specific print settings

Print&Share allows you to create different print settings for the same job. One job can be send out at the same time with different print settings. Different jobs can use their own predefined print settings. Say goodbye to manually adjusting settings each time you print.

Print, distribute and archive with a single mouse click

Print&Share saves you time and money by executing multiple tasks at the same time. Printing to multiple printers, emailing and archiving your document at the same time is default functionality.

...and many more features

Available as a desktop application and as a service.

What does Print&Share do?

Print&Share does something with printing.
Something you are not going to find in the world so quickly at other software companies.

When software companies are called upon to solve print issues, we can usually divide the needs into two categories:

1. Manage print usage

The question here mainly relates to the imposition of a printing policy on users. Usually with the aim to keep costs under control.

The software then aims, for example, to force users to print in black instead of colour or to print the paper on both sides.
For large print jobs, the software can also automatically opt to choose a printer with a lower cost per page.

Such software includes a print-counting system or accounting system to record the costs. As with analytical accounting, the cost of the print jobs can be linked to a user(group), cost location and/or a cost type.

In general, we can say that the imposition of a printing policy is aimed at cost management.

Such software is called print management software.

2. The editing and processing of a print job

The software aims to change what is printed. Usually with the goal to work more efficiently.

Before the layout is put on paper, the print can be supplemented with additional figures or information. The print assignment can also be supplemented by additional pages.
The opposite is also possible… in this case, a printout can be split or things can be omitted.

Since each situation is different, a wide range of properties is therefore very important. The properties therefor include more than printing. Such software is also expected to be able to make maximum use of the possibilities of the printer(s).

In general, we can say that such software is used to automate as many manual operations as possible as an additional work process.

Such software is called print workflow software.


The software we offer is essentially tailored to the second category, or setting up a Print Workfow.
As a result, Print&Share is already quite unique compared to other printing solutions.

But in addition, we combine the functionality - with the exception of the cost registration - of a print management software.

Print&Share does even more. The overview list with the options, including simultaneous e-mailing, dynamic archiving, etc., is particularly extensive.
Print&Share is therefore a unique software solution in the world.

Print&Share is offered in two product forms:

Depending on the functional requirements, Print&Share v3 can be chosen between a Lite, Professional or Corporate version.
Depending on the number of users, all products can be purchased in quantity packages.

The Print&Share range allows us to cover the needs for any type of business, from SMB to large accounts.

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  • Ricoh Print&Share case study Coffral
  • Automatisierte Dokumentenprozesse

    Rechnungen und andere Dokumente werden mit einem einzigen Mausklick gedruckt, verteilt und archiviert. Automatisierte Dokumentenprozesse verbessern dramatisch die Effizienz unseres Unternehmens: Dokumente werden effizienter verteilt, digitale Kopien sind leicht zugänglich und Mitarbeiter können produktiver arbeiten.


  • Revision Sjælland
  • "Wir untersuchten den Markt und stellten fest, dass nur Print&Share unsere Bedürfnisse erfüllen konnte."

    We need to be able to print the same document in different formats, which demanded for using printer software. In the past we had to manually configure the printer, among other things, to create financial statements with or without covers.

    Wir untersuchten den Markt und stellten fest, dass nur Print&Share unsere Bedürfnisse ohne manuelle Eingriffe in den Prozess und andere Workflows erfüllen konnte. Print&Share ist flexibel und wir haben eine Reihe von verschiedenen Profilen, so dass wir genau das drucken können, was wir wollen, in einem einzigen Vorgang - direkt von unserer Site aus.

    Henrik Danmark, Revision Sjælland, Dänemark
  • Laboratoire départemental de la Manche
  • "P&S" Flexibilität gibt, die positiv auf die unterschiedlichen Anforderungen unserer Kunden reagieren zu können.

    Emmanuel ALLIX, Information System Manager, Laboratoire départemental de la Manche
  • Woodfield Planning Corporation
  • Mit der Software konnte ich meine Firma mehr als $20.000,00 sparen.

    Alice M. Battle, Office Manager, Woodfield Planning Corporation
  • Handelsgericht Brügge Belgien
  • Dieses Tool ist sehr nützlich und spart uns eine Menge Zeit.

    Dirk Vermeersch, President, Handelsgericht Brügge Belgien

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