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Print&Share v3.1

Introducing Print&Share v3.1

Difference between Print&Share v2 and v3.1 - (High Level)

  • Expansion of the features
    (see Print&Share v3.1 features overview)
  • New own rendering technology
  • Optimization of the code
  • More security
  • User interface with more interaction options
  • Link with Windows print queues and Active Directory

What is Print&Share?

Print&Share is a combination of a virtual printer driver and an application software.

Print&Share output overview

This printer driver can be installed alongside the classic printer driver of the printer manufacturer. The classic printer driver functions acts as a translator/interpreter between Windows 'language' on your pc and printer 'language'. The virtual printer, on the other hand, functions more as a tool to execute your tasks.

In other words: the virtual printer driver functions as a buffer between your computer and your ordinary printer driver, and it allows you to perform more advanced tasks with your print job.

Print&Share is a multi-fuctional, multi-channeled and intelligent virtual printer driver with many useful tools.

Saving you time and money.
The eco features reduce print costs by saving paper, ink or toner and help the environment at the same time.

Print&Share as a virtual printer driver

Enhanced Printing

Print is the standard functionality and most frequently used feature of Print&Share. A print job of an application remains a print job for Print&Share. It can split up the print job and use different source trays for certain parts of the print job.

Unified Communication

Converts a print job to an email message and specify a general email message per language. The print job will appear in the form of an automatically created PDF file or picture that is attached to the email body. The email address can be automatically generated by a recognition value of the print job.

Dynamic Archiving

Print&Share can create the legal PDF/A-1b (ISO 19005-1:2005). Metadata (XMP, PDF file and summary file information) can be inserted by recognition. You can convert print jobs to a file (PDF, BMP, JPG, EMF, TIFF). Archiving to a NAS, DMS or shared network folder has never been easier.


With the Get More Editor, you can insert features like watermarks, text, logos, page, role and leaf numbers. You can reformat values, add barcodes, insert additional fields from databases. It is also possible to replace text objects in the composition. All of this is based on recognition values of the print job.

Print To Workflow

The printer driver has got a parallel cascade workflow output and you can build more complex solutions via a serial workflow which is the execution of a sequence of profiles. Print on multiple printers via one channel, determine conditions for an automatic start of a profile, insert documents from a DMS and start post actions.

Print Job Modification

One print job that contains several letters can be split into separate transmissions. After splitting a print job into several documents you can sort and recombine individual documents to a group of documents with identical information. Print&Share can remove pages or white space between text to further reduce paper.

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